Did You Get a NEW Cricut?

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And now the thought of taking it out of the box totally scares you?

I know I was too! It's an expensive machine.

Don't worry you don't have to do this alone. And you won't break it either, Promise! I put together a free Quick-start guide for you to help you quickly get accustomed to your new Cricut

You'll learn:

  • How to set up your Cricut
  • How to get Design Space up and running (The software you need)
  • What's Cricut Access and do you really need it?
  • Two FULL Pages of Cricut Lingo so you know what all of those crazy words mean.
  • How to upload SVG Files and Images (Cut Files You Need to Make Projects)
  • The different Cricut Mats and which one you'll need to use and how to load them
  • Cricut Blades, which blades are for your machine or your project
  • Overview of the menu and controls in Design Space


Don't delay, grab your copy of The Cricut Quick-Start Guideand get started right away!